Is it really all about jobs?

What is the relationship between population growth and business growth? Does business growth always result in job growth? How would “full employment” affect our community? Will we be ready?

Last month, your Oregon City Business Alliance explored issues related to population growth’s impact on housing in Growth Part I: Housing. This month’s Forum brings Part II of this “Mini-Series”, focusing on Employment and Business. A different panel of experts will be presenting on the economic effects of business growth in Oregon City and its nexus with the subject of Part I, particularly issues related to infrastructure and process.

Feedback from last month’s Forum, one of our best-ever attended, indicated special appreciation of perspectives from the private sector. To that end, we have some solid representation from that sector to augment our panelists. As always, thoughtful and provocative questions from the audience produce engaging discussion and enhance our understanding of this “growing” subject.

Thanks again to Willamette Falls Media Center for making this video possible.

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