Investing in Clackamas County’s Future

By admin / November 15, 2023 /

As an economic driver in the county, Clackamas Community College supports industries, serves local businesses, and benefits the community as a whole. CCC President Tim Cook will share how the college is planning for the future and exploring opportunities to enhance the student experience, bolster community ties, and further their commitment to diversity, equity, and…

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The Current and Future States of Health Care

By admin / November 29, 2022 /

Brad Henry, chief executive of Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center, will discuss the current state of health care across Oregon and the impacts on the hospital, local businesses, and the community. Brad will share his thoughts on how Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center supports our community during these challenging times and expands to meet our…

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April OCBA Forum

By admin / May 22, 2022 / Comments Off on April OCBA Forum
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Why Can’t I Get What I Want?

By admin / April 29, 2022 /

Join Oregon City Business Alliance & Empowering Oregon Manufacturing for a panel lunch discussing the current and future outlook for manufacturing locally and nationally. Learn how businesses like yours are solving supply chain challenges: Incoming: delivery delays, shipping costs & unavailable parts/materials Operational: absenteeism, unfilled positions & productivity decline from mandates Outgoing: scheduling deliveries & customer…

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The Origin and Future of our Tight Labor Market

By admin / March 28, 2022 /

The tight labor market we are experiencing has been a critical pinch point in the recovery from the COVID pandemic shock. Many of the conversations about the tight labor market lead to assumptions about “overly generous unemployment insurance,” “lazy workers,” or “greedy workers.” The labor market is in fact very tight, among the tightest markets…

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The Future of Work

By admin / March 28, 2022 /

The modern workforce is facing a multitude of challenges and opportunities. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, many employers in Oregon and Clackamas County had difficulty finding and retaining workers with the skills needed for our most high-demand industries. The high costs, low availability, and lack of access to childcare, housing, healthcare, and educational opportunities created…

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Is the Falls Project moving?

By admin / November 1, 2021 /

Representatives from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde share their updated vision to transform Oregon City’s waterfront at the former Blue Heron Mill site and Willamette Falls into a vibrant mixed-use community. With the completion of the Legacy Project and associated Riverwalk, this unique destination will welcome visitors, spur economic redevelopment, restore native habitats and invest in sharing…

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A Vibrant North End Community

By admin / May 5, 2021 /

Eight years after the loss of The Rivers regional center and the Center Cal’s locating Cabela’s in Tualatin, a group of local developers have a vision to transform the Rossman Landfill, completing another leg of Oregon City’s 2004 Economic Development Strategy. Summit Development Group is a sophisticated, boutique development firm located in Tigard, Oregon. Of…

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Urban Renewal – Does it work?

By admin / March 25, 2021 /

For the March OCBA meeting, James Graham, Oregon City’s Economic Development Manager, and his team of consultants explain how Urban Renewal (UR) has been an effective tool in stimulating new economic development throughout the Metro region. For decades, local cities have been utilizing UR as a primary resource to stimulate new business and employment opportunities on difficult…

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Creative Solutions for Workforce Challenges

By admin / June 25, 2019 /

Economic mobility and success must be intentional. Please, watch Bridget Dazey and her panel share about the state of the workforce and the public workforce system, partner coordination, and ways to engage in the future of our community. No one entity or system can take on all the challenges, that’s why it’s so important to…

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