Growth is not inevitable – or is it?

Growth is not inevitable – or is it? It can affect nearly every aspect of our community. Where might it occur in Oregon City? At what rate? And, perhaps most importantly, will we be ready?

Your Oregon City Business Alliance will be offering a valuable opportunity to hear and interact with an esteemed panel of experts in the subject of growth. Because the subject is so vast, important, and (some say) contentious, this offering will be in two parts, over two months.

The first will focus on Housing. Most people prefer to live in some sort of a structure: house, apartment, condominium, and so forth. Where do those buildings come from? Will we have enough of them? Where should new ones be built and how many of them?

Part II of this “Mini-Series” will focus on Employment and Business. A different panel of experts will be presenting on the economic effects of business growth in Oregon City and its nexus with the subject of Part I, particularly in regard to infrastructure. More on Part II next month.

Thanks again to Willamette Falls Media Center for making this video possible.

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