Will Real Estate ever be “Real” again?

Come hear representatives from both the public and private sectors discuss the myriad of challenges our local region is facing in trying to provide affordable housing to both existing families and those looking to move to our area. Never has the real estate industry faced a perfect storm as they do today in addressing the tremendous lack of supply of buildable land, supply chain delays, inflation, a shrinking skilled workforce, and the doubling of mortgage interest rates. The combination of all these factors has priced many in the metro region to look to renting rather than purchasing a home. Is this the new normal for our communities and what are the ramifications of this shift on local businesses?


Aquilla Hurd-Ravich
– Community Development Director

Roseann Johnson
– Entitlement Manager at Lennar Northwest LLC

Devin Ellin
– Director of Housing Development with the Housing Authority of Clackamas County

Harlan Borow
– Land Development and Acquisitions Manager with ICON Construction & Development, LLC