What the Toll is going on with the I-205 Project?

Join ODOT staff leading the I-205 Improvements Project and the I-205 Toll Project to learn more about these important regional efforts and have a conversation.
The I-205 Improvements Project is part of a regional effort to manage congestion, increase predictable travel times, and reduce crashes. Project improvements will allow I-205 to remain open and passable following a major earthquake. A safer, less congested corridor will play a critical role in a healthy Oregon economy. The project will be constructed in phases. The first phase of construction is scheduled to begin in late spring/early summer 2022 and includes improvements to the Abernethy Bridge and adjacent interchanges.
The proposed I-205 Toll Project would toll I-205 near the Abernethy and Tualatin River bridges to raise revenue for the construction of the planned I-205 Improvements Project and give travelers a better and more reliable trip. The use of all-electronic variable rate tolls will help keep vehicles moving with higher tolls charged during peak travel times. The I-205 Toll Project is currently being analyzed for potential benefits and impacts under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. The earliest tolls could begin is late 2024.