The Future of Work

The modern workforce is facing a multitude of challenges and opportunities. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, many employers in Oregon and Clackamas County had difficulty finding and retaining workers with the skills needed for our most high-demand industries. The high costs, low availability, and lack of access to childcare, housing, healthcare, and educational opportunities created barriers for many working-age Oregonians before Covid. The ongoing pandemic has exacerbated these issues for both employers and workers; at the same time, rapid advancements in technology, automation, and artificial intelligence have altered workplaces everywhere, and generated demand for a new skill set to meet current and future workforce needs. While expectations for workers across industries have increased, many workplace policies and training/education programs have not yet adjusted to reflect this new reality. Bridget Dazey, Executive Director of Clackamas Workforce Partnership, will share about new workforce trends and best practices designed to meet the needs of Oregon’s workers and employers, including the Quality Jobs Initiative, a collaborative multi-state effort to provide equitable economic growth and prosperity for all who call this region home.


Bridget Dazey, Executive Director at Clackamas Workforce Partnership

Bridget Dazey joined Clackamas Workforce Partnership (CWP), previously known as Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, in 2008 as a Disability Resource Navigator and served in multiple capacities before becoming Executive Director in 2014. Bridget obtained a bachelor’s in social work from Loras College, and a master’s in social work from St. Ambrose University and has previous experience in education, criminal justice, substance abuse prevention, and advocacy. Bridget’s background in social services informs her approach to workforce development: she believes individuals and businesses are best served when people and institutions work collaboratively across systems and sectors to address the critical issues impacting employers, people, and communities.Bridget values CWP’s strong partnerships with local employers, community organizations, and elected leaders. These relationships have made CWP a trusted resource within the county for over 20 years and are pivotal in meeting the organization’s goals of creating a more equitable and inclusive workforce system; developing highly skilled workers; and sustaining a dynamic local economy that provides prosperity and stability for all. Bridget and her team use their expertise and years of service to develop and support innovative ways to meet the needs of all who call Clackamas County home.