OC’s Northern Lights Shine

Listen to several panelists share their vision for redeveloping and implementing their business and strategic plans in OC’s Northern Gateway District.

Former OC Mayor Dan Fowler, who owns the Abernethy Center, will discuss the opening of Corner 14, which will be in the building that was previously Spicer Brothers Produce. It will consist of numerous food carts and a microbrew tasting room. OC Brewing is also planning on adding food carts across the street.

Have you heard that Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton will be coming to Oregon City? Dan Fowler will be sharing the exciting details of this 99-room hotel, and even has pictures to share with you. Chris Storey, from WES, will share some of their plans to accommodate future growth for our region and partnerships with nonprofits for enhancements of watersheds.

Jerry Herrmann will provide an update on the mitigation efforts underway to recirculate the water in the Clackamette Cove and a proposed nature preserve adjacent to the Cove and the Clackamas River. Brian Shaw, former OC Commissioner, will also share a proposed master plan for Clackamette Park and adjoining properties.

Gail Yazzolino will give an update on all the new tourist programs at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

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