What’s Metro Up To Now?

By admin / September 1, 2020 /

Christine Lewis, our Metro Councilor, updates us on the many issues impacting our area. Get current on the regional transportation ballot measure. Learn how House Bill 2001 will be impacted by increasing density. Find out Metro’s views on expanding the UGB to accommodate future suburb growth due to businesses considering leaving urban centers. Christine will…

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CBX Business Broadband Expansion Grant Support

By admin / August 12, 2020 /

Clackamas County, through its Clackamas Broadband Exchange (CBX), is applying for a federal grant issued by the US Economic Development Administration to allow expansion of its current dark fiber ring to serve businesses. CBX currently serves ~270 governmental agencies by providing low cost, high-speed Internet connection, and is currently partnering with the City of Sandy’s “SandyNet” to bring high-speed Internet…

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old infrastructure in Oregon City

Preparing for the Worst: Are we Ready?

By admin / February 26, 2019 /

Advancing Water-Centered Resiliency in Clackamas Our nation is at a crossroads. Deteriorating infrastructure is impeding our ability to compete in the thriving global economy, and improvements are necessary to ensure our country is built for the future. While we have made some progress, reversing the trajectory after decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure requires transformative…

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Clackamas County funding sources

The Road Ahead 2018: The Conversation Continues

By admin / October 23, 2018 /

Clackamas County has heard from cities and businesses that a countywide vehicle registration fee (VRF) is needed to relieve congestion, increase safety and maintain local roads. Right now, as the only county in the metropolitan area without a local source of road funds, the county and cities just don’t have the funds to meet those…

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